10 things we’ve learned in Malaysia

Travel always teaches. The curiosity of the unfamiliar – wether in a neighbourhood or a country abroad – strengthens human connection and broadens the view, in seeing new sites and faces. The last two weeks we learned, lived and experienced the beautiful state of Malaysia.

Here are 10 things we’ve learned during our stay;

1. First of all to trust. If your local street-ticket dealer tells you the mini van will pick you up at 5 in the morning and he will do all the organisations with the visa and the ferry, trust him. Don’t worry that he’ll just take your money, the van will be there.

2. In that occasion we also learned to accept. Probably one of the most important things while traveling. Accept the moment. Sometimes you gotta let your german organisation and security sense behind. There is no such around. Just see what you can make out of the moment, wether it’s good or not.

3. Don’t linger up on signs, traffic-lights and fees. They don’t actually mean anything in Malaysia. People will do what ever they feel up to. Except helmets. The People here actually were helmets while riding motorcycle.

4. Drinks to go, such as smoothies or ice tea are the coolest here. There are street shops with fresh fruits everywhere. You just gotta ask and you’ll be surprised by the various different mixtures of fruity drinks. And don’t forget, always get your drink to go. Have you ever had your drink out of a plastic bag? It’s insanely cool!

5. Home made Iced Tea with milk is the new big thing.

6. Well, it might sound a little weird, but we actually learned the process how black tea is made. We visited a tea plantation in the Cameron Highlands the midland of Malaysia and got to see the tea production from the start to the self-test in the end.

7. Even in Malaysia, where your Euro is worth around 4 Ringit and the average yearly salary is about 7477 Euro, the big factories (in that case the tea plantation) are employing guest workers from Myanmar or Indonesia, because the local workers are to expensive.

8. That Georgetown is way better than everybody says. Georgetown might even be the best part of Malaysia, since Kuala Lumpur seems more like the not so beautiful Singapore.

9. That life is sometimes way to ironic. Since my Macbook charger broke down the other day, we had to go buy a new one, but as we were thinking there won’t be anything easier than finding a cheap and fake charger in Asia, it was the hardest struggle to get your hands on the right product. Our two day search in a huge variety of shops, street-markets and malls ended with an original 80€ Charger from the Apple Store.

10. How hard it is to just let yourself go. To allow yourself to just do nothing for a while. It’s important to sometimes take some time to actually calm yourself while traveling through the world like a speed-boat.

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