We heard lots of stories during the last weeks of traveling about the craziest city on the planet. Nearly none of those stories contained words like beautiful, quiet or clean. We wanted to explore Bangkok on our own to get a real feeling for what it is.

We organised a meet up with our friend Paul from Germany who was also traveling in South east Asia at the time.
Arriving in the late evening made it hard to oriented, so it happened that we checked in into the wrong guesthouse and realised afterwards that Paul was in another guesthouse on the other end of town. Anyway, we grabbed a cap and quickly decided to go for some front porch welcome drinks.

The next day Paul showed us around town.
Other than walking past the usual touristy spots we just floated around the city like driftwood, with no particular destination. Going where the stream would lead us. That is how we travel. We hate to make too many travel plans. We prefer letting a new place unfold in front of us while we discover it street by street.

The nights were spend living the insanely, crazy night life of Bangkok. And on our last night with Paul we decided to go for something a little more classy, so we went out and talked life and travel over white wine and delicious food. We ended up having late night drinks expertly prepared and well garnished by Paul’s English friend Keeth, who happens to work in one of the best cocktail bars in whole Bangkok.
Always good to meet up with friends all over the world. Cheer it up Paul.

Other than that we also had the pleasure of meeting up with Angela, who used to live in Cologne but now lives in the Netherlands. Turned out we had a really good time together in Bangkok and we quickly decided to see each other again in Vietnam.

If you really want to learn what Bangkok is about you need to open up your mind and erase all expectations you ever had.

We’d say in total:

Bangkok is controversial
Bangkok is crazy
Bangkok is intense
Bangkok is exhausting
But Bangkok is beautiful on its own way

Don’t try to compare it. You’ll fail.











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