Hello. We’re Tim and Nicolas. Let’s be friends.

The idea for RoyalAmical is something we’ve been mulling around for quite some time now, and we quickly came to the conclusion that there’s not going to be any better time to do it than the present. We are young, we want to explore and we want to share our experience. RoyalAmical is a blog inspired by the people around the world, who all have desires, plans and dreams. Our vision is to capture people, moments, travels and stories. We want to show that each and everyone among us has dreams and desires. We love the idea that there’s an intriguing, or otherworldly, story beyond everyone and everything. But we also like the fact to let you put your own story into it, that’s what we find really interesting.

Our posts shall be the reflection of what is happening at a unique moment in time, and they’re also segues to bigger ideas. This blog will show you how life is supposed to look like in our eyes. RoyalAmical is an online space for travel, experience, honesty, humour and innovative living. We invite you to follow along with us, lets see things differently, live outside the box.

We dare you; Change your routine! Try something different! Make it count! We’re excited.