10 things we’ve learned in Singapore.

10 things we’ve learned in Singapore.

After years of conformity, rules and pressure, Singapore is shaking things up. Young locals feel less pressure to jump into the corporate world and are pursuing their passions, the result is a change in sectors including food, fashion, design and lifestyle. Despite high rent, car and living prices, it’s still possible to have a really good time on very little.

Here are 10 things we’ve learned during our stay in Singapore:

1. Even if we’re not a big fan of winters and it seems like we somehow managed to find a way around the snowy and cold time of the year, we realized that we wouldn’t mind a chilly wind not coming out of the AC every now and then.

2. There is a place on this planet that seems better organized than Germany. Not only the arrows on the sidewalk show you were you’re supposed to walk, there is a standing line on the floor in front of the metro entrance as well.

3. There are fines for everything. Wether you eat, drink, photograph or stand at the wrong place, you’ll have to pay. Let’s better not start talking about gums.

4. Singapore is the safest place we know so far. If you wanna go stretch during a jog, just put your phone and your wallet somewhere on a bench or the street side. It will be there when you get back, trust us!

5. Money rules the world, especially Singapore. Everything is expensive!! But if you’re smart, you can also live from a small buck. Use local food courts, avoid Louis Vuitton and Acne Studios and go to the hidden shopping malls, and use the MRT (Metro). If you got a penny more than others, go and uber your way through town.

6. Alcohol is expensive too!

7. Rain is not predictable!. Even if it’s the clearest sky and you’re strolling around town with an ice cream in your hand with the nicest sunshine, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be an insane thunderstorm in the next five minutes. Prepare yourself for the apocalypse. The rain here is like nothing you’ve seen before. You’ll be wet like hell in seconds. No chance to escape. But hey, give it about an hour and you’ll be able to continue your walk as beautiful as before.

8. Food courts are insanely great. You take a seat in the middle of a place surrounded by a huge variety of small food shops and gather your food from wherever you like. This means you can have Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Indian and European food all at the same time. Isn’t that like heaven?

9. Sucre cane juice. Tastes as sweet as it sounds. Take it everywhere you go!

10. Know something about the history of the place your traveling. We didn’t, so we hit up the Singapore National Museum and learned at lot. Feels better now.

Had a pleasure of getting to know this wonderful city. See ya soon Lion city.

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